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Stutz Bearcat


Each piece in Steve Baldwin's Collector's Series is unique design featuring durable construction and beautiful hardwood components, making it a keepsake that will last generations. These "toys" also have a surprising feature exclusive to the Baldwin Toy Company. Most of the designs are based on a puzzle concept, allowing them to be taken apart and put back together!

  • Made from: bloodwood, bubinga, walnut, zebrawood

  • Measures 5¼"h × 15"w × 7"d

  • Item #58087

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About the artist:
Steve Baldwin has been handcrafting beautiful wooden toys since 1976. The premise upon which he creates his toys is very simple: "I want my toys to be around for generations to come!" he says. Baldwin's Collector's Series toys represent the ultimate in wood craftsmanship – original designs preserved forever in hardwood beauty. Wood for the different toy parts is carefully selected from rough lumber such as walnut, cherry, rosewood and maple. The woods and their rich grain patterns give each toy its own personal quality. No two toys are exactly alike. Hours of painstaking care are given each toy as it progresses from initial design to precise fitting and shaping to hand sanding and finally to lustrous oiling and waxing.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.