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5x7 Mosaic Tile Frame by Angie Heinrich


Inspired by the rhythm and symmetry of Moroccan art and architecture, Angie Heinrich creates unique mosaic frames from sparkling glass tiles and beads.

  • Holds 5x7 photos
  • Stand on a shelf or hang horizontal on the wall
  • Entire frame measures 11"h x 9"w x ½"d
  • Item #53849
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About the artist:
Angie Heinrich, with Zetamari Mosaic Artworks, has been creating mosaics in Seattle, Washington for private collections and public spaces since 1998. She aspires to create soothing symmetries of sparkling glass tiles and beads that are often inspired by the rhythm and symmetry of Moroccan art and architecture. Her passion for this ancient art form led her to study with masters in Italy, Spain, and the US, where she was instilled with a pride of workmanship and technique that is evident in each hand-crafted piece. Angie aspires to bring the joy of spirit she feels with the creation of each piece to the home of others. Her journey with this art form has been intensely spiritual where she strives to express an interconnected world where seemingly small and inconsequential experiences affect the whole.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

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